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Polyeposysuecinic Acid

Molecular Formular


Molecular weight


Chemical Structure



Colorless or amble transparent liquid

Solid component

40.0% min.

Density (20C) g/cm3 

1.2 min.

pH value  (1% solution)


APPLICATIONS: This product is a multivariate antiscale and corrosive inhibitor with non-phosphor and non-nitrogen, it has good antisclae and dispersion performance to calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, calcium fluoride and silica scale, with effects better than that of ordinary organophosphines. When built with organophosphates, the synergism effects are obvious.

This product has some effect of corrosive inhibitor, is a multivariate antiscale.

This product has good biodegradation properties, it can be widely used in circulating cool water system in situation of high alkaline, high hardness and high pH value. It can be operated under high concentration index. it has good compatible with chlorine, and other water treatment agents.


1. can be used in system of oilfield refill water, crude oil dehydration and boiler;

2. can be used in circulating cool water system of steel, petrochemical, power plant, medicine. Good compatibility with chlorine, the capability of antiscale won’t be affected by the content of chlorine. If used in the formulation of phosphonate as anticorrosive, it can sharply reduce the dosage of phosphonate, to lower the phosphoric content in the waste to be 1mg/L.

3. can be used in the boiler water, circulating cool water treatment, desalination plant, and membrane separation in situation of high alkaline, high hardness, high pH value and high concentration index.

4. can be used in detergent fields to produce detergent without content of phosphorus & nitrogen to prevent the pollution.

Package: 25kg/drum or by request, Storage for ten month in shady and dry place.

Product Origin: china
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Brand Name: KIMA

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